Tangible Benefits

Cost Savings

Negligible Setup Costs

The key feature of EFC Sandbox is that we provide significant cost savings. By doing away with initial set-up costs, interest loss and hidden charges inherent in conventional leases, savings up to 40-60 per cent of monthly costs can be achieved. Moreover, facilities such as cafeteria, meeting rooms and conference rooms are also available to your businesses without additional investment, resulting in substantial savings and reduced upfront costs. Advanced customisations (if any) can also undertaken at subsidised rates to give your business maximum benefit.

Consolidated Overheads

A professionally trained service team is in place to provide all the basic office services to keep the businesses’ workspace running, such as reception services, IT support, building maintenance, cleaning and security. Additionally, cost of Wi-Fi and Electricity is also included giving our clients a significant saving in their overall costs from overheads.

Savings in Legal fees

When starting out our clients have substantial savings in stamp duty and legal fees which are associated with typical long lease agreements in a conventional office.


Flexibility is an important feature compared to conventional offices. Office space and layout can be customised, and office size is readily scalable, allowing businesses to upsize, downsize to fit their latest business requirements.


At EFC Sandbox, infrequently used spaces, such as the cafeteria, conference and meeting rooms are available for use on a pay-per-use basis beyond your allotted number of hours. Compared to conventional office space, it is far more efficient than owning the meeting room and office facilities which are only needed for a few hours per week but companies are charged with rents and utilities even if it is unoccupied for most of the time.

Reduced operational risk

By using a serviced office, your business is not obliged to hold substantial amount of fixed assets associated with owning an office, enabling you to change the size of your office rapidly according to the business growth rate. With IT infrastructure, telecommunications system, office equipment, power and day-to-day administrative functions centrally managed by EFC Sandbox, all the concerned operational risks are therefore considerably reduced.

Intangible Benefits

Maximum Convenience

Unlike conventional offices, moving into a space at EFC Sandbox simply takes days rather than months and all facilities, fit-outs and furnishings are included in a consolidated monthly cost.Another advantage is that you never have to deal with a building landlord and for any requirement you only need to contact your facility manager who are there to serve you.

Corporate Address

A serviced office provides it’s clients, big or small, an enviable corporate address and world class infrastructure which helps generate a great first impression of your business.

Admin Efficiency

Since the day-to-day management and upkeep of the facility is centrally managed by EFC Sandbox, not only do our clients gain significant savings from overheads, but your valuable time is saved from handling of these petty issues and the associated staff recruitment and retention problems.